Battling ACNE ? Here’s my take on Neutrogena !

So already over with the first ten days of 2018 !
Being my first blog post on ‘Skincare‘, I had to mention about some of my favourite products from Neutrogena. The saying of happy skin is healthy skin” truly exists.

With the emergence of pollution, stress and the kind of food we indulge into, it’s hard to maintain a balance between health and beauty.


1. NOT CLEANING YOUR FACE : Improper cleaning of the face causes sebum/oil getting clogged onto your pores. This gives rise to the growth of bacteria in these clogged follicles, resulting in breakouts.
2. HORMONAL IMBALANCE in the body is a major cause for breakouts. These chemical messengers,if fluctuated may trigger up weight gain, fatigue, depression and breakouts.
3. STRESS is another cause for triggering acne. Taking a toll on your emotional and mental levels thereby causing lack of sleep also flares up acne to a great level. I experience the worst breakouts during the time of my examinations. I’m sure many of you would be able to relate with me on this point.
4. FOOD INTOLERANCE and problems in the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM also result in acne. Reboot your diet and avoid spicy and oily food. Try to go for better and healthier options such as fruits, fresh juice etc,.
5. POLLUTION and over exposure to sunlight also causes sweat and oil glands to work overtime, resulting in breakouts. Living in one of the most polluted cities, I do face a lot of breakouts due to pollution.
6. OVER-SCRUBBING your face will dry out your skin which will force it to overcompensate with oil/sebum production thereby causing acne. It would just make your skin even more harsh and worse.
7. SLEEPING WITH MAKE-UP ON is a disaster and a nightmare you can ever give to yourself. As the skin repairs itself during the night time, it is very essential for you to clean your face before going off to bed. And I’m sure you won’t want to wake up like a Panda with all the debris, dirt and oil all over your face.

Neutrogena is one of the best drugstore – skincare product which is easily available, affordable and is suitable for all age categories. It is one of the highly recommended products which cleanses and hydrates your skin without being harsh on them.
Here the mention of age would literally mean: from a school going to a college going person to anyone. Most importantly, its a Unisex product.

I bring to you 4 products as a part of my daily skincare regime from Neutrogena, which I’ve been using since the past 3 years or more for now and I feel I would never stop using them.
I will also be attaching the links for you all, down below each of the products as they’re easily available online.
Fully tried and tested on me, here is my review on them :


Always start your day with a gentle facewash. I start my day with this soothing and a mild facewash. This particular product never dries out my skin and rather keeps the moisture level intact. It doesn’t lather much and that’s the best part about it. It is fragrance free and I’ve been using this since my college days and haven’t got bored of it. It retails for Rs 399 for 200ml and is easily available in any store or online as well.



I use this facewash once in 2 or 3 days, during the night time before going off to my bed. Again a gentle facewash but as the name speaks of ‘Foaming’, it does lather and has a creamy texture. It literally pulls out the dirt from the clogged pores and opens them up. Whenever I am feeling irritated with my skin, while travelling or even during summers, I use this and I’m sorted. It retails for Rs 199 for 100gms and this too is easily available in various stores or online. As obvious from the image below, I’m almost over with this product.



This is one toner which has helped me resolve my blackhead issues to a great level. Mostly suffering with blackheads and oily skin specifically at my T-Zone (nose, forehead and chin), I use this toner once I wash my face by dabbing a few drops of it on a cotton pad, thus wiping away the remaining dirt and oil (if any) swiping it down to my neck, makes a double check on my skin. It has a cooling sensation and is apt for any weather.
Over the time I have seen a significant reduction in my blackheads which were hoarded onto my nose. It retails for Rs 399 FOR 200ml and is another budget friendly cum easily available product that anyone can buy.



Now we all know the uses and benefits of a sunscreen but still we avoid using it. The Neutrogena Sunscreen is one which doesn’t give a whitish cast on the skin and is pretty light weight. It doesn’t shine on the skin and doesn’t even clog your pores. It is ideal for Indian summers and has a non-sticky formula.
One should always wear a sunscreen from time to time on daily basis when we’re out and reapply as and when required. This retails for Rs 549 for 88ml and is an all weather Sunblock.



Yes ! I usually have an entire back up of them when they’re about to get over.
I’ve been addicted to these products for quite sometime now. It has been more than 3 good years that I have been using them without a fail. Since I have a “Combination Skin” along with a “Sensitive Skin”, regular cleansing is required in order to avoid acne on my face. And undoubtedly, they’re my favourites !


These products are easily available in mini sizes and have a travel friendly packaging which makes it a lot more easier for me to carry them whenever I’m moving out.

I hope this review will help you take a little better care of yourself this year. Its just a 5 minute task to keep your skin healthy and I’m sure 5 minutes for ourselves is not much.

Do comment below and give me your suggestions regarding my first blog on skincare and also share your best healthy skincare options which you all have been using.
There’s always a scope to learn from others.

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The above opinions are purely mine and is not a sponsored write up. These views are based on my personal experiences. The above mentioned products have been purchased by me and I have been using them from quite sometime in order to provide you with an honest review. One thing to keep in mind regarding skincare is that not everything works for every skin type. So you may make a wiser decision regarding what works better for you all.
The above mentioned products are best suitable for oily / combination skin.

9 thoughts on “Battling ACNE ? Here’s my take on Neutrogena !

    1. Oh how about ordering them online from the UK website? Every counyry seems to have variations in terms of the packaging I feel. However I may be wrong! What do u think?


      1. Not just variation but they are also some ranges outside the UK that you will never get in the UK. 😔 So annoying especially when many people are giving good reviews about a particular product


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