The Wedding Madness !!

There is a thing for winters ! And winter weddings are all the more charismatic. Specially weddings in India are most beautiful during this season. From make up to hair, everything stays intact and at the right place. Rather I would say, Indian summers would be more pressurizing for the brides when it comes to hair & make-up. There are no worries for air conditioners and fans to be placed nearby the bride & groom just to keep everything in place. But on the other end, the bride and & groom may also feel the twinge of winters with numb hands and chattering teeth (specially if we speak of Northern India). Obviously, any bride wouldn’t want to wear a coat/ sweater or mufflers over her attire. Having both pro‘s and con‘s of this weather, one needs to carefully plan one’s wedding .
While planning a wedding there are certain things that are nice to know and then there are certain things you need to know. Here are some tips for the brides and grooms (to-be) who shall pre-plan certain events on time in order to avoid any confusions or disasters on your DDay.

The Bride-to-be :

  1. Detox your body : To get that glow on your face, a bride must opt for a good & a healthy diet. Start the routine atleast 2-3 months before the wedding. Eating fruits, drinking fresh juices or fresh coconut water and having fresh salads are the best options to detoxify one’s body. Drinking lots of water is also very important as it prevents breaking out, which can be annoying on your big day.
  2. Avoid any new skincare products : Bride to be’s musn’t try any kind of new skincare products. It’s not a risk worth taking or to experiment with your skin just before your wedding. Unless and until prescribed by your dermatologist,one should never take such risks.
  3. Go for a make-up trial: Bride – to – be’s must give a trial for the desired look decided for their Dday from the make up artist they’ve booked for the main event. It may just cost you a little more on the pocket, but it would be absolutely worth the penny when you get what you want to look on the biggest day of your life. More schemed and planned as per the quintessential look for the bride, it’s a great way to anticipate the final look for D-day. Your make-up artist might be able to judge your face structure more appropriately and efficiently which may help her/him to further enhance your facial features all the more. Not only understanding your skin or your features, even you as a bride may be able to ensure her/his capabilities as a make-up artist. There’ll be a better understanding and will be a relaxing experience for you as a bride as the team would already know what you want. 

  4. Experiment with colours : Weddings during “Winters” have something special for dark colours. It is the most stunning of the seasonal plalettes with deep undertones such as reds, maroons, wines, pinks and fuschia shades. Sharp and clear hues go well with this season type. Whereas pastel hues look appropriate for a summer wedding. A bride must choose the apt hues as per her choice and weather. Also never forget to opt for different colours for different functions. No point repeating the same colour on every function of your wedding. Try and expand your horizons and create different looks for each function not only including your garments but also the kind of makeup or the hairdo you opt for.
  5. Participate in planning your honeymoon : Gone are the days when brides used to be shy regarding discussing their own honeymoons with the fiancés. A bride-to-be must explore the best options with the husband-to-be according to the choice and preferences of both counterparts. It is always amazing to spend the best phase of your life, with your partner at the most romantic & desired place you ever wanted to go. Make sure your passports are upto date and always book your trip post you get the VISA approval. You wont want to spoil your mood and squander away your earnings or savings recklessly due to one VISA REJECTION. 

  6. Go for the Minimalist theory : A little glamour goes a long way is the theory nowadays. Minimalist makeup with the traditional and delicate jewellery is the look to drool over. Gone are the days to overburden the brides with extra heavy clothes and chunky jewellery along with a bold make-up. After all “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” !
  7. Go and enjoy with your friends : Having a bachelorette is important. Spending time with your friends/sisters/cousins helps you relieve from the stress and anxiety thereby waving off all the fears a girl might be going through. Getting that special feeling from the bridesmaids is indispensible.Plan a fun trip with your friends and have a gala time with them by being the maid of honor. These will be cherished as lifetime memories later on.

The Groom-to-be :

  1. Get yourself or your spouse a new closet : Grooms go through the ultimate pressure of sharing their room cum wardrobe space with a new member who’s supposed be with you for a lifetime. Go and get some more space to avoid conflicts and confusion and never under estimate a girl’s wardrobe. That’s the first key to a successful and a happy marraige.
  2. Maintain a balance for the bachelor’s party : Never over indulge into bachelor‘s event just before your wedding. Grooms forget they’re being eyed upon by their fiancés. There is always a scope to get caught in the act. So better avoid any troubles and not get over-excited for the same. Remember ‘The Hangover?’ You got me ! 

  3. Colour Contrast with the bride’s garments : Coordinating for a colour contrast with the wedding garments is very in these days. It looks pretty good and decent to get a contrast colour coordination for the main day. Opt for a contrast colour rather than the similar colour. It is always preferable for the bride to select her outfit thereby followed by the groom to make things work in a synchronised manner (Just a suggestion).
  4. Booking a good Photography team: Photography is what lasts in the end as memories. Find the best photographer who will help you capture these special moments for a lifetime. Prewedding shoots are also a great option for testing the talent and capabilities of the photographer who is going to click you on the main day. Always meet the team before and investigate into the kind of photography they are into. Supply the team with the moments which you really want captured on the film and how you anticipate yourself in them. Freeze the moment and embrace them for a lifetime.
    Getting amazing and natural clicks might have been seemed to be significant recently when we saw the paparazzi from Virat – Anushka’s wedding in Tuscany. 

  5. A fairytale dance performance : Nowadays performances and special choreographers help you indulge in those bollywood and fairytale moments. Being the main show stoppers of your own wedding doesn’t bound you to sit like shy mannequins on the stage. One shall always relax and be cool. It’s better to enjoy one’s own wedding. After all, that’s your big day. Let’s not make it boring.
    Craft your dance as per your comfort level and shed that anxiety! Keep a running list of what you want to be played and choose your music relevantly.

Execute your wedding checklist to prioritize your wedding tasks month by month.

I hope my post was of little help to any of those who’re getting married. What do you guys think of the best ways to simplify the wedding prep time? Do share your thoughts/ suggestions by either smashing my comment section or you may even mail me at “”
Also let me know whether you would want any more such posts on weddings !

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