The International Crafts Mela ~ SURAJKUND 2018

Surajkund is a place 8kms away from the capital city of India, located in Faridabad (a city in the state named Haryana).
This place gets it’s name from the literal meaning : ‘Suraj‘ meaning ‘The Sun‘ and ‘Kund‘ meaning ‘a lake or a reservoir’.

Located right at the backdrop of the Aravalli Hills, this place is famous for the largest cultural fair held annually in the month of February.
The Lakewood city has an estimated footfall of about more than a million visitors per day during the 2 week festival.
This fair is organised by the Surajkund Mela Authority & Haryana Tourism in collaboration with the Ministries of Tourism, Textiles , Culture & External Affairs.


This fest showcases some of the most exquisite handlooms and handicrafts of all Indian states and 20 other countries who come together to be a part of this multi – cultural extravaganza.
The dynamic art & craft, indigenous cuisines ,vibrant hues of music & dance create a magical aura all over.

Cultural performances are also a part of this grand fair which also showcase the rich ‘Heritage‘ of India through this “Socio-cultural Forum”
This year the Surajkund Fair was inaugurated by

  • The honourable PM of India, Mr. Modi and
  • The Chief Minister of UP, Mr Yogi Adityanath

This place provides a flabbergasting platform for glorifying the rich heritage, culture, art, handicrafts, music, dance, food and esthetics of our nation and many other countries.
Different communities come together and make this festival all the more jovial and chromatic making it a must go for those who haven’t yet been here.


2nd Feb to 18th February are the dates of the fair this year.


The entry pass is to be bought right before the main gate located on the right hand side of the entrance area. Any normal person would have to pay :

During weekdays : Rs 120/-
During weekends : Rs 180/- (Saturdays & Sundays)
However there are separate ticket counters and rebates for :

  1. Elder citizens
  2. Soldiers &
  3. War-widows

who are offered a whopping rebate of 50% on the entry passes, ie., any of them would be charged :

On weekdays : Rs 60/- and
On weekends : Rs 90/-
However, one can even book tickets online for the fair via ‘Book my show‘ application which makes the entry process hassle free and quick at the same time as you may have to stand in point queues on the weekends.


The theme of the fair changes every year and is based on any one state of India along with a partner nation also coming into focus.

This year, the theme of the 32nd Surajkund International crafts fair is Uttar Pradesh (UP a state of India) and Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic) is the partner nation for this fair.
As shown below in the images, the entrance for the fair was based on the theme of the holy river, Ganges, which is one of the most famous religious & tourist spots in Uttar Pradesh (UP)


10 am to 8:30 pm would be the general timings. But due to this place is being a little secluded, one doesn’t get enough privilege of public transport, one has to bring one’s car/vehicle.
Though there is an arrangement of a huge parking area as well, it would be preferable to go in one’s own vehicle.


This fair was setup on a huge area of land with apparently an enormous amount of security. The entry gate of the fair was gigantic and royal adding onto an ethereal touch. As written on the gate, this entrance was made during 2015 when the theme of the fair was based on an another state of India named, Chhattisgarh !

There were a number of handicrafts, handlooms and food stalls all over the place. From local artisans to international artisans, all were warm and welcoming. After a few steps, there were different performances going on representing the dance and music with a lot many viewers gazing at the beauty of it.
Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, Afghanistan, Nepal, Egypt, Syria, New Zealand , Morocco and many more countries participated.

Here are a few pictures I clicked on my visit to the one of the largest annual cultural fiesta.

KYRGYZSTAN: Handicrafts from the Kyrgyz Republic !

SYRIA : Beautifully carved wooden boxes were showcased on this stall .

AFGHANISTAN : Famous for the carpets and kaleens, this stall had a lot to offer.

Handicrafts from MOROCCO were displayed here!

NEW ZEALAND : Handpainted and blockprint shirts depicting I ❤ NZ were displayed here at this stall.

The vibrant hues of these colourful lamps hung were absolutely mesmerizing !

Pottery work by the local artisians were a treat to the eye !

An entire lane full of colourful handmade flowers !

Kashmiri and Kalamkari cloth stalls adding onto the vibrant hues !


  • The stalls present were sequenced in a proper order with stall numbers.
  • Though there was no map for the fair, it would have been time saving if they had arranged for one.
  • The arrangements were prim and proper. There was proper installation of CCTV cameras all around along with police force and fire brigades.
  • The food stalls are a must to try. Do not miss out on the Bihar and Punjabi cuisines.
  • Since its too sunny, I would recommend everyone to carry a water bottle with oneself.
  • There is a variety of amazing stuff which one can buy at the best price.
  • The things are quite common at every stall, one just needs to be vigilant to purchase things for the right price.

I have tried and covered up the basic information which I could have regarding the fair. However, if you all want to know anything more in detail and are interested in knowing what all I purchased, please hit the like button and let me know in the comments section below !

Till then,

Keep Glittering ☄️

Rise N Shine 💫

Lots of love 💕




All the views presented above are purely mine. The pictures presented above are hand- clicked by me and I have taken special care, not personify any specific person in my pictures. The suggestions and opinions are my personal thoughts which I am sharing here with you all through this platform.

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