Larger than Life ~ RIP SRIDEVI

Sridevi, the iconic diva of Bollywood passed away in Dubai yesterday. A diva for life, a role model for many and the most successful female superstar of India gave in to a tragic collapse and showed us that we all have the same fate by the end of this life. Waking up to this news was heartbreaking for me as a fan who truly adored and admired her.

Every 1980-90’s girl crush who was still giving major fashion goals and giving young girls the courage to dream big was also supposed to introduce her daughter to the same limelight in the coming few months.

Waking up to know that even superstars like them can be vulnerable to mental as well as physical infirmities makes me wonder that we all are by the end of the day, decayed to where we belong ~ the soil. There is no specific age or time.

Is this what life is all about?

Do we really spend every moment of our lives with gratitude and joy or do we spend it all in the race of comparison, hate, jealousy and vain!

Aiming for a bigger house, luxury cars, a better job, a widespread business, some more marks, larger diamonds or the expensivest watch on our wrists.

Does this all really matter by the end of the day or at the cost of our lives and health?

I definitely do not mean to say that one should not work for a better future, but the essence of my words are truly to look into what our priorities actually are. Having money will definitely make us spend it, and one should definitely work for a comfortable life, but not at the cost of neglecting our health or our relationships and our loved ones.

This iconic diva, who inspired millions of hearts, who did everything bigger, louder and made so many hearts skip with her amazing performances in many movies and public appearances made her a star and LARGER THAN LIFE! She always did everything with a BANG!

A legendary grandeur who was always spotted in the bestest version of her : refined, maintained, graceful, glorious and beautiful. Wearing the best of couture & labels with the best of make up & accessories made the human reality of death fade away, making us being unable to accept the reality for legends like her.

Decked up in the ace designer’s label who was also a good friend and the best of all ; Manish Malhotra, here are a last few pics of her in Dubai where she was last spotted in a wedding event.

Truly said by her dear friends :

” The heavens are fortunate. They just inherited a gift of life!”

RIP Sridevi!

Your die hard FAN!


Life is short!

Dream big.

Take the trip.

Buy the shoes.

Eat the cake.

Love fiercely.

Kiss slowly.

Forgive quickly.

Forget the grudges.

Value your family & friends.

Respect one another and

Live life to the fullest.

For we never know when our one moment can be the last one!

It’s never a” FOREVER “. There’s always an ‘end’ to it!

Welcome to LIFE ☺️

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