Pregnancy by choice ; not by CHANCE or CONVINCING ! A right for the woman !

Hello there ! I am back on track with blogging finally πŸ™‚
My article was published on and I couldn’t wait to share it with my WordPress family !

Please click on the link to get directed to my article which questions a lot many norms and taboos that we associate a woman with !
Pregnancy is one of them. Let us all face the reality of the changing times regarding this huge transitional event !

Link to my article is here :

Also I would like to mention to please share your feedback with me!

The opinions stated in the above article are truly mine. I do not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments or impose my views on anyone. However, expressing my views against something doesn’t mean that I am against it at the same time. It is solely a personal perspective.

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6 thoughts on “Pregnancy by choice ; not by CHANCE or CONVINCING ! A right for the woman !

  1. It’s an important issue… related to romanticism of patriarchy… where women often considered as a naive and passive sexual partner. They do not have any take on their share of right in family planning… resulting in increasing abortions which at times are fetal and psychological impact.

    Nice piece.
    Say no to patriarchic family planning.

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      1. Exactly, this is what makes me think that a society we have really grown up educationally but morally we need to stand for what is just.. otherwise the objective of pursuing education would have no use

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