A withered Nation ~ India!

With the horrendous crimes having happened in the past few days, I have been getting those jitters as a woman thriving to live a safe & respectful life in India !
It is alarming to see that on one side Indian girls are bagging medals at the commonwealth games and on the other end women are being raped mercilessly in this nation.
This brutality and barbarism has continued to demean the women of India, a nation where Goddesses are worshipped but no woman is respected. Doesn’t that makes us hypocrites?

Rising from the demarcations of caste, creed , religion & race we need to emphasize on humanity. People committing hate crimes in name of these aspects do not deserve to be a part of us.
It is difficult for me to sleep and think about our future generations. Apart from being a woman, I too am a daughter, a sister, a wife who sees herself in many different roles and responsibilities. Is this how a woman should feel in her own country? Insecure and prone to anything?

INDIA IS A HEARTLESS NATION ! Justice and humanity have been proved to be lost many a times when any woman is raped or sexually assaulted now and then in any part of the nation & still no trial, no justice , no punishment !
Perhaps this shows the development of India as a nation only in terms of GDP , population, pollution & corruption. No morality, no ethics,…nothing ! A nation where women are mistreated severely can never develop. Powerful political leaders or the rich money minters get away with any heinous crime only show the lack of our judicial system.

To Dear Asifa Bano and all those girls/women who were withered away by monsters,

I am sorry! We failed you and ourselves. Perhaps our brutal and barbaric nation did not deserve pure & innocent souls like you.
Justice for you shall be my prayer until it’s served.
If the nation of Goddesses cannot protect its own women, shame on such a country and its judicial system.

For those men who blame over the attire of the girls must know that it is not the clothes who’re at fault, it is their manhood, masculinity, mental status and the incapability to comply with humanity which they lack in !




Asifa paid the price for communal hatred. I hang my head in shame to see this young girl being tortured for days, I am ashamed for the mobs from Hindu Ekta Manch protesting out on the streets with India’s flag, thus contaminating our flag with their filthy minds demanding justice for those merciless murderers, I am ashamed for no justice been provided to you till now.

We all need to stop objectifying women, be it in ‘real’ or ‘reel’ life.

From Television series & commercials to cinema to songs, all of them potray a wrong conceptualization of a woman. Isn’t it unfair to pass on a wrong message to the younger generations of what’s wrong, unethical and unjustified.

In words of Anne K Ream

“It is not the lack of female modesty
but a sense of male entitlement
that leads to sexual violence.
And the idea that we women
can change men’s behaviour
by changing our clothes
is not only disconcerting,
it has been debunked .

Awaiting for JUSTICE !

Rest in Peace Asifa

Disclaimer :

The opinions stated above are my own. I do not intend to disrespect any religion. I stand by my words above and am against any crime /hatred /atrocity.

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9 thoughts on “A withered Nation ~ India!

  1. The world of humans across cultures, countries and continents, is such a gigantic mess. I am fully disgusted with countries and cultures that wage war, or rape children and females, so often.
    And I know my country is at the top of the list for these, and other atrocities.
    I think this is why I like birds so much. They don’t wage world wars, they don’t rape, and they have the amazing talent to fly away from all of us.
    They are so smart.


  2. Thank U for the read Anamika πŸ‘ I hope Asifa gets justice and we support her anyhow we can. Lots of love, power, respect and strength to all women out there πŸ’•πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ love TGA by Misha


  3. I totally agree with you on this topic Misha. Shame on all who stands with the rapists in the name of religion, political party, cast or what ever they support him with. Our country has gone to the dogs. U r absolutely right when you say a country which respects not their women can never be a progressive country. I am with you, all the way Misha against any crime /hatred /atrocity done for that matter to fellow human beings of our country.

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