Mother’s Day or Parents’ Day ??

So Mother’s day is just around the corner. I somehow feel the urge to ask that is it we who undermine the value and importance of fathers. Don’t they deserve the equal affection, thankfulness and love? I guess so they do ! Perhaps just a day in name of mothers and fathers cannot justify the love, value and importance they hold in our lives.

This parent’s day, I would ask all of you to go to your parents, love them and make them feel special just as they made you feel when they were raising you up. Nothing in the world is as pure and joyful as the love of the parents for their children.
Parents : whose life revolves around us just like the Earth revolves around the Sun. As we grow up, we just get so involved, busy and taken away in our personal & professional lives that we somehow end up neglecting our own roots.

So today, rather than going out to buy materialistic stuff, go and buy out some happiness and joy for them.
Buy them something special this year :

  1. A plant or some flowers
  2. Their favourite piece of music or art
  3. A Candle
  4. A Spa or a Massage !
  5. Cook them their favourite meal !

Rather than splurging on a bag, watch or a piece of jewellery invest in some real, authentic and warm stuff.

There is nothing as special as the times we spend as compared to the ones we think we are capturing in our smartphones. Laugh with them, forget the rough times or the bad phases. Try and create new memories

No one has a perfect family, I don’t even desire to have one ever!

Today when I see those freckles around their eyes, those silver locks, those wrinkles on their foreheads ; I do get to understand why am I so peaceful, calm and settled in my life. That is exactly where they got these from.

For I just know, it was my mother who held me in her arms all day and night when my father was out & away to earn for my needs. Let’s find happiness in our imperfect worlds and make them evergreen and everlasting. The courage and inspiration that my parents have filled in me today has helped me find gratitude along with a dignified, strong and a happy life. Love you Mommy & Daddy ❤

Happy Parent’s day to my both set of parents. Couldn’t have been any luckier ❤️

What are your planning for your parents ? Do pour in your thoughts on this !
Till then…. !!

Keep Glittering ☄

Rise N Shine

Misha 💕

DISCLAIMER : The above content and opinions are purely mine. I do not intend to impose or enforce any of my thoughts on anyone. The pictures attached above in this post have been taken from Google.

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