Last minute gift ideas for Father’s Day!

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is Father’s day and I feel that this topic is often undervalued and we don’t speak much about it, even though fathers are equally important in our lives. Fathers provide that inexhaustible backing and are a source of inspiration for all of us, thereby binding the family together.I have always cherished being ‘a daddy’s girl!
I still remember the times when I would go up to my father and ask him to help me out of any absurd situation that I had caught myself into and I still do that till date,come what may.

Our fathers determine our ability and give us the confidence to drive through our lives, be it rough or smooth. Therefore,they ought to be special. I truly cherish the times I have spent with my father, and I am truly blessed to have two fathers now who have always pushed me through thick and thin. Be it sharing experiences to discussing family matters, or reaching out for any professional decisions to life decisions, I truly adore them for the farsightedness and the practical approach that they’ve had towards life.

I bring  to you some last-minute gift ideas for our superheroes. These gifts may not be extravagant or fancy, but they would surely touch a father’s heart ❤


  1. Buy him something he is trying to reach out to since a long time : Fathers always keep aside their wishes to fulfill our needs. Now it’s time for us to take charge of a few tiny things that they have been holding off for themselves, keeping their own wishes aside or as a last priority. It may be anything. However, here are some suggestions:
    > wallet
    > tie
    > belt
    > phone-case
    > scarf
    > watch
    > pen
    > cufflings
    personalized coffee mug
    personalized T-shirts
  2. Make him a cute little card : Cards are the best way to express your emotions. Make him a card and express all the feelings you have for him which sometimes I feel is neither is expressed by fathers, nor by the children. Just speak your hearts out and express the affection and appreciation that you haven’t done since years.images
  3. Arrange for a candle light dinner for your parents : Our parents shed off the most important years of their lives on us: building homes, taking care of us and fulfilling our needs. It’s all a vicious circle which continues. And, in all of this, they somehow tend to forget how they end up neglecting one another just for us. Surprise them with a candle light dinner or may be a movie which may get them to spend sometime on their own and relive some lost moments together as a man and wife.
  4. His favourite book : If your father is fond of reading, get him a bundle of his favourite books which he may cherish for years to come. A book is a gift that can be opened AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN.They have a whole world inside them and they last forever !
    books as gifts 600 x 340
  5. Compilation of favourite songs : Music is the best way to express our feelings. It brings happiness to people of all ages and backgrounds. So if your dad is a music lover, compile him some of his favourite retro-hits  or any of the pieces that he admires which he may play while on his way to work or while sitting back and relaxing at home.


Hope you all surprise your fathers with something nice and make them feel special just  the way they make us their priorities throughout our lives !

Keep Glittering, 

Rise N Shine,

Daddy’s Little Girl Forever ❤

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Disclaimer : The opinions expressed above are mine and I do not tend to impose them forcefully on anyone. The pictures portrayed above do not belong to me and have been taken from Google.

6 thoughts on “Last minute gift ideas for Father’s Day!

  1. honestly I found it the hardest thing ever trying to find something for my dad.
    In the end I got him some slippers and a bag.
    I think it is the moment that means the most to fathers on this day, you know, sharing a meal… having fun and just being together.
    sareena x

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