VLCC Rose Water Toner : Review

Toning is the key step for proper and effective skin care ! We have always heard about it. But do we religiously follow it ? Well, as we know : There are no ugly women, only lazy ones!
I am one of those kinds who ‘tries’ to keep up with a proper schedule for my skin care. But, it is all about the inclination which keeps on fluctuating in my case. However, today I am reviewing the VLCC Rose Water Toner, which I have been using for more than a month.


I was wanting to try my hands on a herbal and chemical free toner and I came across this one. VLCC is one of the oldest and trusted Indian cosmetic brands which is easily available nationwide. This product comes in a plastic bottle, carrying about 100ml of product and retails for about Rs 150. It is suitable for all skin types and is free from any alcohol, SLS, paraben, phthalates which was a major appealing factor to me as most alcohol toners tend to dry out the skin.


‘Pores’ are the main cause of blackheads & white-heads on our skin. However, applying a toner regularly may reduce the visibility of the pores over the time. Our skin is most fragile during the summers as it is exposed to extensive heat, dirt and pollution. Using a toner may help eradicate any irritation and help restore the pH balance of the skin post cleansing.
You may simply use a cotton ball or a cotton pad and swipe it up through your face.


After searching up for many other options I went through the list of ingredients that VLCC claims to have in this toner. To my surprise, every ingredient is natural and FREE from any CHEMICALS :

  1. Extracts of Quercus Infectoria 3%: ‘Quercus Infectoria’ is the extract of a medicinal plant to treat fungal infections and maintain the elasticity of the skin
  2. Aloe Vera 2%: Has healing properties, moisturizes and evens out the skin
  3. Phoenix Slyvestris 2% : It is an extract of a date palm fruit which contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties also rich in fibers and minerals
  4. Mentha(Mint) 2% : to provide a cooling effect
  5. Rosa Damascena distillate 1% : Rosa damascena is a flower native to South Africa.It has toning, moisturizing, antiseptic and astringent properties also having a similar pH to that of our skin


I have been using this toner for more than a month,thereby making it an essential part of my night-time routine. I use a cotton pad or directly dab a few drops of it onto my skin post cleansing. The toner is watery and does take a few extra seconds to dry out. I preferably do it under the fan and pat it onto my skin till it’s properly absorbed.
Besides shrinking up my pores to a great extent, this toner is herbal and is far away from any heavy chemicals which eventually is the best thing in the long run.


  1. This toner is made up of natural ingredients
  2. It is fairly priced @ Rs 150
  3. Has a sweet rosy fragrance
  4. Soothing when applied onto the skin
  5. Comes in a plastic bottle (travel friendly)
  6. ISO certified
  7. This toner is suitable for dry, oily or combination skin


  1. The plastic bottle is opaque and therefore the quantity of the product cannot be checked upon
  2. Takes a while to dry/ get absorbed into the skin


I feel this product fulfills what it claims.Toners are a ‘NOT TO miss out’ step. Applying it at least once before going to bed may eventually shrink down the pores and prevent your skin from breaking out often as well as keep the stubborn blackheads & white heads at bay. Being a herbal toner, this one may show effects over a period of time (for some)

Have you guys ever tried this product ? Do leave in your comments for the same  🙂

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DISCLAIMERThe above written content and pictures belong to me. I do not intend to force my thoughts or opinions on anyone. The above product is owned by me and is not a sponsored write up. I have used this product for quite sometime in order to provide you with an honest review. One thing to keep in mind regarding any beauty/  skin care product is that not everything works for every skin type. So you may make a wiser decision regarding what works better for you all.

11 thoughts on “VLCC Rose Water Toner : Review

  1. I use the thayers witch hazel rose water toner! It’s really great I recommend. Great post 💖

    I have a new post on my blog if you’d like to check it out. It would mean a lot! (: 💗✨

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  2. Ooo I never think to apply toners so this was an interesting read. I struggle with large pores and imperfections So maybe something I should try to work into my skincare routine! Xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey Stella. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad my blog was of any help to you. Try this amazing product.I hope it works for you just as it worked for me. Keep Glittering, LOVE TGA by Misha 💕😊


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