TFIF | Delhi’s first Bakery & Bar run only by women

Driving back to the times when women were underemployed, fighting their basic rights and neglecting their careers were the olden times. Independent girls always handle their lives and make the best out of the opportunities they get. After all working hard is something that everyone should do, regardless of age, gender or any other aspect.

To add onto the list of this approach was the capital’s recent launch as the first ‘Bakery and Bar’ run by Women – The Future Is Female (TFIF)


TFIF~ The Future Is Female is a female-centric theme based cafe and restaurant  with chefs, waitresses & bartenders as women, thereby generating employment opportunities for them. Providing a safe and incredible aura for the staff as well as opening their arms to the guests (be it males or females), this cafe has a lot to offer.



The beautiful lush green interiors of this cafe is refreshing and unique.Putting forth the best of organic cocktails and fusion food, this cafe also has it’s in-house bakery. From the presentation to the ingredients to services to the prices, all of it is a grand slam for a place like Rajouri, which was slathering into a spiritless place.

Mrs Archie Singh ~ Pastry Chef at TFIF

The bakery of TFIF has something extraordinary to offer which is not available anywhere in the entire arena of West Delhi!
TFIF is expected to open on the 2nd of July.



Address : A-6 Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi
Avg Cost for two :
 Rs 1000 (approx)

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