All that you need to know about the Sin city|Fun Facts| Amsterdam

The capital city of Netherlands is beautiful, romantic, wild and notorious. Amsterdam is an amalgamation of different cultures around the world and is famous for its bicycles, waffles, wooden shoes, bulb fields, tulip gardens, long summer days making it one of the coolest cities all over the world to travel.
Amsterdam was on my bucket list and it got ticked off finally as one of the first cities I ever explored in Europe.
The Netherlands definitely has a different vibe altogether.
However,already having been a fan of this place, I present to you some instantaneous amusing facts about the Sin city :

  1. The Leaning houses of Amsterdam |Canals | Bridges :
    The entire city of Amsterdam is built on a swamp. Rather all the houses here are built on poles which are drilled deep into the wet soil (or they would collapse) due to which they look a little tilted and crooked. These are also referred to as the ‘dancing housesPicsArt_07-06-12.40.32.jpgAlso there are about 165 canals in Amsterdam which have been featured in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010 and about 1281 bridges (more than Venice)PicsArt_07-06-12.57.07.jpg
  2. Get your BICYCLE and explore the town : Amsterdam is one of the bicycle friendly cities with more cycles than the number of inhabitants. A city with about 800,000 people own about 1.2 million cycles. Almost half of the city (or even more) resort to cycles as a medium of transport over here. There are special bike lanes for the cyclists to ride on. Tourists can easily rent a cycle and hop onto the roads and delve into this gorgeous city. However, maintaining the speed and not crashing into someone should be taken care of. Besides cycling, walking through one of the picture-perfect fairytale cities and getting lost along the cobblestone bridges, circuitous canals, lush and blooming parks is the best. You may certainly burn off some calories.PicsArt_07-06-12.45.45.jpg
  3. Get to taste some amazing desserts :
    The best way to explore a place is by experimenting with one’s taste buds and trying on the local food. Amsterdam is famous for its ‘Stroopwafles’ (the famous Dutch sweet) filled in with maple syrup, hazelnuts and honey. It is delectable and a MUST HAVE when in Amsterdam ! Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it ?
    ‘Appeltaart’ is another quintessential dessert of the dutch cuisine which has been there for centuries and is served in countless cafes and coffee shops. However, this one is a total contrast to the regular ‘American Apple Pie’. However, trying on some amazing waffles, ice creams, churros, fresh fruits and other various bakery products are heavenly. There are so many fresh and delectable breakfast options available in this city,that you can never go wrong with πŸ™‚20180706_011001.jpgSnapchat-2058781680.jpg
  4. Get stoned with some Cannabis :
    Coffee shops play a major role in Dutch tourism. The legalization and cultivation of Marijuana is also permitted here. Cannabis (weed, hash, marijuana) is legal and all of this is available at “coffee shops” in form of ‘Magical brownies’,’Space Cakes’ or just directly rolling & smoking it up.
    However, there are certain “coffee shop rules ” one should be aware of :
    a) You can’t buy more than 5 gms (per person ;per day )
    b) Use of hard drugs is strictly prohibited
    c) The consumer must be above 18 yrs of age
    d) Alcohol and cigarettes are prohibited
    However, you need to watch out while smoking tobacco as it was banned back in 2008.PicsArt_07-06-12.58.18.jpg
  5. Legal Prostitution & Red Light Districts : Be it in various movies, books or songs, the nightlife of Amsterdam has been classically one of the colossal attractions. This city is known for its ‘Red Light District‘. While operating a brothel and prostitution is ‘legal’ here, Amsterdam marks itself as one of the internationally acclaimed sex tourist spots. Wandering around these red light districts and getting astonished about the Dutch liberal attitude and approach is the other side of the coin you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

How about exploring this city some more ? Stay tuned !

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  1. Another beautiful explained post. Now I feel like exploring the same since you have described it so well. Well done Misha πŸ’–πŸ’–

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