Hair fall during Rainfall|Monsoon Hair Woes

Despite taking good care of our hair, they usually face the brunt of monsoons. Neglecting our hair could be alarming during the rainy season. They are prone to a lot of pollution, harsh sun-rays,sweat,humidity and dust when the monsoons are in full swing. Specially if you reside in a polluted city like Delhi, you need to take extra care of your hair. Here as some simple hacks to improve the quality of your hair.

  1. Oiling: Yes, our elders have always emphasized on oiling our hair as that is the best way for moisturizing and balancing the frizziness that we leave our hair to suffer with. Oiling our hair 3 hours before head wash is considered the best remedy for replenishing them with some good qualities. Coconut oil during summers and Mustard oil during the winters work the best for me. However, Almond oil, Amla oil, Olive oil all are other preferable options subject to suitability and blog 2
  2. Drink lots of water: More than 60% of our bodies are made up of fluids and we need to understand that keeping ourselves hydrated will only benefit us. Having water,fresh juices, buttermilk, coconut water and balancing the intake of liquids in a day helps flushing out the toxins from our bodies, keeping ourselves hydrated and fresh.

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  3. Style them right : For strengthening one’s hair we need to stop pulling them over into a tight bun, high ponytails, avoid back combing or the nasty hair sprays.Hair sprays devour all the retained moisture from our hair. They’re only useful for setting the hair, not for  maintaining their health. Also avoid pinning up too much. Rather opting for comfortable braids,plats or may be a low ponytail would be trendy as well as safe. That’ll avoid over stretching the hair and keeping them a little free and without blog 9
  4. Use Paraben-free and Sulphate-free shampoos: Using organic shampoos and conditioners is the best food for your hair. Thrive on organic products for better results in the long run. Opt for shampoos which are more promising with natural and organic ingredients thereby cutting off the sulphates or other harsh chemicals present in them. 

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  5. Avoid any chemical treatments: Keratin, smoothening, hair colouring, streaking ; all are various names of tempting ourselves under the name of fashion and burning a hole in our pockets for nothing. Try and avoid such harsh chemicals on your hair for sometime. Give your hair some fresh air to breathe and let them grow neatly to regain their strength and blog 5 chemical treatments
  6. Trim regularly : Split ends on the hair strands are some common traumatizing factors which accelerate hair fall. They also tend to weaken the hair follicles, thereby becoming one of the major cause for hair fall. Also sweat, dandruff and dirt on the scalp causes itching thereby weakening the roots of our hair all the blog 4
  7. Use a natural serum on your wet hair strands : Using a few drops of olive oil, almond oil or baby oil on the wet strands of your hair will help you keep them hydrated and sorted, or you would end up losing a lot more while combing after a hair wash.Even silicon and alcohol free serums are a great alternative.This would not make the hair oily, but rather provide them with a coat of nutrients protecting them for the coming few days until you wash them off again.
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  8. Keep a good gap between washing your hair : Washing your hair in frequent intervals may cause your scalp to strip off from its natural oils which are equally essential for maintaining the strength and quality of the hair. These natural oils are like food for the hair which need not to be eradicated very often. Washing hair everyday could be critical for blog 3
  9. Let them dry naturally : Blow drying and ironing the wet hair may lead to cracking the cuticles and the moisture to burst out in form of kindling steam from the hair strands.It’s almost like frying your hair in extensive heat. This would definitely lead to breakage,drying out the hair and upsurge dandruff issues. Let your hair dry naturally with time rather than always using blowers or straighteners on blog

There is a lot more to hair-care and I shall be discussing them in the coming days.
Happy Monsoons 🙂

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