MAC : Pop of colors !

Hello all of you ! It has been pouring like crazy since the past few days in almost all the areas of Northern India. These dark gloomy monsoon days could just buck me up to wear a pop of color to enliven my day. With monsoons being in its full swing, I can always count on those bright and peppy colors which tend to fade away the boredom thereby helping me add some liveliness to my mood and my day.
There is nothing more sexy than a drop dead gorgeous pout! Makeup Artist Cosmetics (MAC) have been one of the best brands in India, leading in the beauty range nationwide. Available at MAC stores, now in: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and many other major metropolitan cities, this brand now reaches up to the whole of India via Nykaa, thereby making MAC accessible to the whole nation.

It has been more than 3 years since I’m wearing MAC without a fail. MAC has an array of innumerable colors & hues. There’s definitely something for everyone out here!


MAC : Pop of colors !

Having the correct shade is the best thing to happen to any girl !

These 2 MAC shades from my make-up stash are those quintessential shades which may vary from a highly formal to an informal occasion.These shades are fun, sassy and they compliment the Indian skin tones well.

  • Relentlessly Red : Bright pinkish coral matte !

Do not go by the word ‘red’ in the name ‘Relentlessly Red‘. I just randomly purchased this shade while searching for a good ‘Red Shade’
But on the contrary, this one is a perfect cool toned pink shade with coral undertones. It comes with a fruity and a flowery fragrance and suits all Indian skin tones, be it cool or warm complexions. No wonder it is adored by the fashionistas across the globe.
This shade is definitely a hot pick giving you those Bubble candy lips and set the trend.



  1. This shade lasts longer and doesn’t budge even if you eat anything
  2. It is a highly pigmented shade (evident within the 1st swipe on the lips)
  3. It is smudge proof (barely require a touch up post 7 hrs of application, which is great for me)
  4. It has a mild fruity fragrance
  5. It is a matte shade,which is the best for monsoons

I love it to bits and it is one of the best deep toned pink shades I have ever owned and used till date.

Click here to buy Retro Matte- Relentlessly Red

  • Ruby Woo ~ Matte vivid Red !

A pop of red can make all the difference.This gorgeous shade is my cult favorite. Ruby Woo doesn’t need any introduction. It’s a hot favorite color of many Hollywood and Bollywood stars.It does appear to be red, but is not actually ‘the fiery red.’

A smashing crimson wine red with blue undertones which would make all the difference to get that stunning flash on anyone round the globe. With a suitability to all skin-tone types (warmer to cooler tones), it is an absolute hit to bang on your look for a lunch, official event or a romantic date. However, do remember to keep your eyes muted while wearing reds.


  1. I love the durability of this shade
  2. It has a pleasant fragrance.
  3. It’s smudge proof and you can easily drink or eat without even thinking twice.
  4. The shade is highly pigmented and long lasting. I generally need a touch up post 7-8 hours of application which is good amount of time for me.
  5. It is a matte shade, best suitable for monsoons

It comes out to be as a Ruby toned hue and adds the much needed glamour to your look.

Click here to buy Ruby Woo


Swatches in the sunlight

Since these 2 shades are retro mattes, no lipliners are provided to wear these shade. They’re transfer – proof and smudge – proof!

There is nothing I don’t like about MAC Retro Mattes. However, I would definitely recommend you all to wear a lip balm post scrubbing and exfoliating your lips as this might tend to dry out your lips. The formula of these lipsticks are not very hydrating.

PRICING : Both the shades retail for Rs. 1500 each for 3gms of product.

Would I repurchase any of them?
YES! The shades mentioned above are my staple shades and I would always want them in my stash. However I am also planning out try on some of the MAC mauve shades. Do recommend me any of those.

What are your favorite shades from MAC ? Let me know in the comments section down below.

Hope my review helped you take a better decision as no girl ever said she has enough of lipsticks!!

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DISCLAIMER : I’m no beauty expert. The above opinions based on the above products are purely mine and related to how they work on me and my skin tone personally. Also the pictures presented above belong to me. However, the same product may not work in a similar manner for many of you due to the varied skin tones and textures.This is not a sponsored write up. All the products are solely owned by me and have not been sponsored by any brand.Giving a negative feedback/review regarding any product doesn’t mean that I hate that brand or I won’t buy anything from the brand ever again. It just means that that particular product did not suit me and give me the value for money and utility that I was expecting out of it.

12 thoughts on “MAC : Pop of colors !

    1. Hey, I generally do that post removing my lipstick. But if the lipstick is too dry for my lips, I prefer exfoliating before applying it onto my lips so as to avoid the cracking up of my lips ❀️ thanks for stopping by and reading my post. Lots of love
      Misha πŸ’•


    2. You exfoliate before lipstick. It removes dead skin so your lips won’t look flaky. Or you can do it at night after removing your makeup (especially if you wore a matte lipstick).


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