The Moms Co. Natural Foot Cream | Some TLC for my feet

Are you in a give and take relationship with your feet ? Our feet do so much for us ! We run our daily lives on them, but do we even care for them as much as they do for us? I feel our entire body needs the kind of care we usually show for our face/skin.
This is the first time ever that I tried a foot cream for myself due to the excessive dryness I always felt on my feet and ankles. Also, my heels had started cracking and I really wanted to take this issue up before it deteriorated.
Before this, it would just be about hydrating my feet with a normal body lotion or something.
But, when it came to actually taking care of the feet plus with winters on the way, I was fascinated by the idea of trying a foot cream this time and was eyeing upon a brand named “The Moms Co”
Although the brand is specially for “moms”, I still went ahead to try out this one because whether a mum or not, self-care comes first.



The Moms Co. claims this product to be a toxin free and a natural foot cream combined with shea butter, sweet almond oil, argan oil, olive oil, peppermint essential oil and natural Vitamin E to nourish and cool the tired and swollen feet. The products comes in a plastic tube with a nozzle and a flap cap to control the quantity of the product. It retails for Rs 249 for about 50 gms of product which is a steal deal keeping in mind the natural ingredients used in this product.

My take on the product :
Though my main area of concern was to treat the dried scaly and patchy skin on my heels, thereby causing itchiness on them,  I started applying this cream regularly in the mornings post taking a bath (as I always forget it during the nights). However, the time doesn’t matter.
Gently massaging the cream onto the ankles and heels helped my feet get a lot more relaxed and nourished. The flakiness and the dry patches around the heels also reduced to a great extent. This product helped me fight away hyperkeratosis or thickening of the skin around my heels, which was getting way more prominent for me. It showed me the best of results in 10 days of regular application.
The cream has a pleasant fragrance (almost like one gets during a foot spa) and it feels luxurious to apply it over my feet. The consistency of the cream is medium and easily spreadable. It absorbs in no time and doesn’t make my feet slippery unlike many other regular creams/lotions that I have used followed by the danger of tripping over post their application. The cooling sensation of peppermint essential oil helps fight the swelling on the feet. However, swelling was not an issue with me but still the product did wonders for me.


Highlights of the product :

  1. This foot cream is free from any parabens, mineral oils,SLS/SLES, Phenoxyethanol
  2. The product is dermatologically tested
  3. It is not tested on animals and thereby is cruelty free
  4. The foot cream has a pleasant fragrance
  5. It is nourishing and provides with a cooling sensation
  6. It has reduced the itchiness and dry skin on my ankles to a great extent
  7. It absorbs in no time
  8. It doesn’t make the feet slippery post its application
  9. Repairs the cracked heels


The tagline of this brand saying, “Nature in ; Toxins out “ totally won my heart and so did the product.This foot cream helped me fight away the reason why I resorted to a foot cream and I would genuinely recommend this product to you all. After all, it is always good to walk without stress or whine.

How about your thoughts on this product ? Have you ever tried foot creams from The Moms. co or any other brand ? How was your experience with it ? Let me know in the comments section below.

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