Tips to brew the perfect cup of Tea πŸ΅

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15th of December marks as the International Tea Day and being a tea lover, I thought today will be the best day to dedicate my post to my favourite drink – Tea!

The tea leaves undergo a diverse process after their initial harvest to obtain the varieties we tea lovers can enjoy. I’ve simmered on my tea obsession since my school days as I hail from the valleys, where doctors recommended tea for kids as a precautionary measure for cold, cough and flu during winters. Whatever the reason may be, if you’re a tea lover, then you should know that tea is basically a super drink.

Tea is supposed to contain flavonoids which are meant to protect our bodies from diseases and has caffeine levels lower than coffee.

Each tea type has some specific requirements in order to extract the best of flavours and health benefits from a variety of teas available to us.

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However, today I will only be concentrating on the techniques to brew your perfect cup of tea. Here are those few tips I would like to share with every tea lover out there. I myself took a long time to reach my perfect taste and henceforth the following tips may be varied according to personal tastes and standards.

  1. Timing : Timing is everything! Proper steeping time is the ultimate key to brew that perfect tea you’ve been longing for. Brew time certainly depends upon the tea type. Herbal teas can be steeped for a longer time where as black tea should not be steeped for a very long time as it would only make the tea bitter rather than strong. The basic timing to steep a normal black tea is anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes.

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  2. Temperature : Know your tea type as each tea requires a different set of temperature. Darker teas like black teas and darker Oolong teas work the best around 85Β°-100Β° C, whereas white and yellow teas require a temperature somewhere between 70Β°- 80Β°. Green teas work the best around 70Β°- 85Β°. Also be careful of never re-boiling your tea as it would kill and ruin the taste as well as the esthetic qualities of your tea.

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  3. Teaware : While traditional English breakfast tea is served in a cup-saucer or a mug, the visual effect of other teas can be enhanced by choosing the right kind of teaware for every tea type. Herbal teas should be brewed in a glass or glazed ceramic vessel whereas porcelain clay vessels can be used to brew white teas. White teas can be served in wine glasses too.

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  4. Teabags V/S loose leaves : Loose leaves always provide with a flavourful steep. They contain buds, whole leaves or partially cut leaves and have a potential for re steeping without going bitter. Whereas tea bags usually contain ‘dusts and fannings’, which is generally lower quality and broken tea twigs of the tea plants, thereby providing a ‘one note flavour.’ They go stale quickly and provide only a one cup steep. Loose leaves become kind of messy and require a proper apparatus but this extra step would definitely be worth for the tea you’ve been looking forward to.

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  5. Teaspoon : Steeping the right quantity of tea leaves to make your tea is equally important. Never over full your infuser as tea leaves require room to expand. The correct ratio of dry loose leaves would be 1 teaspoon of dry leaves for 1 cup/6 oz of water . This ratio would provide a proper brew strength to your tea.

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How about your kind of tea? Which tea is your favorite ? Do share in the comments section below.

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