Ways To Travel Cheap

2018 was a roller coaster ride and one of my most travelled years so far. I got to explore bits of Europe ,their countryside villages and Thailand. Whereas in my own country, I visited a bunch of touristy spots like Shimla, Goa, Jaipur and Amritsar.

Location : Hua Hin, Thailand

Travelling does cost you all your hard earned savings. No one would want to let go their hard earned money on things not required or not worth exploring. Some excursions and trips do turn us off thereby making us feel why we wasted our resources on them. But the determination to travel is strong enough to overpower the monetary aspect by travelling cheaper by these simple tips. Here are a few of my travel hacks which helps me save a bit while travelling.

Location : Amsterdam , The Netherlands
  1. Flight Alerts : Sign up for various airfare alerts and keep a track of deals and discounts. Google flights is a great portal from where you could know about the best time to invest into your flight tickets. Airfare does cost upto about 30-45% of the entire trip cost. Some countries might be cheap to holiday at, but the flights to get there take up the maximum chunk of the amount. Henceforth, flight alerts can automatically help you monitor the suitable time, affordibility and prices for the location you’ve been wanting to visit.

    google flights
    Image Courtesy : Google
  2. Time period to book your flights : The best time for booking the flight tickets for any international trip would be 3 months prior to the travel dates. This makes things more organised as you end up spending a decent price along with blocking the accommodations for the trip as well. Also Visa should be applied accordingly for at the right time to avoid any confusions or delays.

    Image Courtesy : Google
  3. Airbnb and Hostels : With the expansion of safe, tidy and easily accessible hostels and Airbnb’s, travelling has become more of fun for most of the travel freaks. Hostels and Airbnbs help in proper interaction with the local families or residential areas thereby bringing out the culture of that place from the grassroot level and helps you make friends for a lifetime. Not discouraging to opt for hotels or luxury properties, but since the topic is to keep in mind the budget, Airbnb goes a long way with more spacious accommodations, hassle free bookings, helpful hosts and some delicious and fresh breakfast.

    Image Courtesy : Airbnb
  4. Travel in off season : Yes ! for many places, where weather is not a major issue, travelling even during off season is a great choice. Many tropical places in Asia do not really have an off season. Places like Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam are open all throughout the year with almost the constant weather. That helps you to cut off a great percentage of unnecessary expenses lined up for your travel experience including food, accommodation and excursions thereby reducing unnecessary tourists. Off season may not only refer to the season of that country but would also refer to the travel season of the native country you belong to. Travelling during the peak vacations time may make you overspend on things like expensive flight tickets. Indian peak season for travelling mainly caters to the months: May, June, July, December and January. Avoiding these months and choosing over any other would save a major chunk of your resources.

    Location : Goa, India
  5. Online booking versus on the spot bookings : Some online excursions help you end up saving a lot whereas many excursions, if booked online may cost you a bomb. Always survey out the excursions and compare what is the best to spend, by booking online from your native country or going and booking right on the spot. For instance : Tour Eiffel Tower and Disneyland Paris tickets were cheaper on the online site (also considering chances of being sold out on the spot) where as the canal cruises in Netherlands, Scuba diving at the Barrier Reef (Australia) and island hopping in Krabi (Thailand) were much cheaper for us rather than any online platform. So be wise and prudent and make your choices accordingly.
  6. Investigate the most practical, safe and cheap way to commute in betweenΒ : Cycles, metros, buses, trams and other local transport available is way cheaper than pick ups, be it (SIC) Seat in coach basis or a personal pick up. Even renting two wheelers or cars are a good option keeping in mind to carry your international driving license which makes you eligible to drive around in that particular country. Local transport always is way cheaper rather than catering to cabs or taxis. However, if you’re travelling in big groups, with friends /relatives or with children, pre booking travel coaches and renting cars would help you save up the major chunk of travelling costs for larger groups.

    Location : Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  7. Pack light : Pack light and avoid carrying any extra weight with you. Paying up for extra baggage would certainly end up burning a hole in your pocket and may end up costing you more than anticipated. Also carrying extra would be a burden for you if you plan to live in hostels or Airbnb’s where mostly you would have noΒ  lifts and no bell boys to carry your stuff. And who knows, if you have enough room by the end of the trip, you could even shop enough πŸ˜›

    Image Courtesy : Google
  8. Get your travel insurance: By getting a travel insurance, you’re getting yourself secured against any travel risks such a lost or stolen luggage, cancellation covers, unexpected medical emergency. Many travel freaks generally avoid this aspect. Also providing cover for the lost travel documents such as passports, it is a must in today’s date. Insurance would certainly cover against any emergency situations.
    Image Courtesy : Google


I hope you liked this bit of familiarity with some of my travel tips through this post. I am sure there would be a lot more ways to cut down on the travel expenses. However, I have only covered up those which I have applied onto my own travel experiences till date.
Would love to know what all you do to try and cut down on the unnecessary expenses lined up while travelling.

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