The Biotique Bio Fruit Face mask |Review

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I have a review of a beauty product coming up after a really long time on my blog. I recently went on a fun trip with my friends to Goa and getting tanned on a beach vacation is a sure short thing. However, it was not the dark skin that bothered me as much as the sunburn all around my neck did. And therefore , I tried my hands onto this “talked about mask” by one of the trusted Ayurveda brands – Biotique.


The Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Bio Fruit Face pack is a blend of fruits working as magic to remove skin tan, depigmentation and helps in skin whitening of the skin

Fruits are not only good for our health, rather they can even work as magic on our skins to get back the natural glow we have been longing for.


This product comes in a plastic tub packaging, holding about 75 gms of product and retails for about Rs 199 which makes it decently priced and an absolute budget friendly product. The product also claims this luxurious face pack to be blended with juices of pineapple, tomamto, lemon and papaya to visibly reduce any dark spots on the skin. It also mentions that regular use of this pack would reclaim soft, smooth and youthful texture of the skin


Ingredients :

  • Multani Mitti powder
  • Geru powder
  • Yashad Bhasm
  • Tomato juice
  • Pineapple juice
  • Babul Gond
  • Cream Base

How to Use : 

I used this product about thrice in a gap of a 20 days and saw considerable results on my skin.

  • Make sure to apply this mask over cleansed and dry skin
  • Take a generous amount to spread it over your face and neck
  • Leave it on for approximately 15 minutes (or untill it is comfortable on your skin)
  • Wash off and pat dry


My Take On The Product :

Since I was badly tanned when I was back from my beach vacation, I used this product and saw a considerable difference in my skin texture.

  • The product has a thick consistency and it was a task initially for me to apply it over my face without messing things up
  • On first time application, I felt a slight tingling sensation on my face which disappeared in a minute or so
  • This fruit pack has a fruity pleasant fragrance (almost as plush and royal as applying fruits over my face)
  • The pack was easy to take off with water
  • My skin felt fresh, plump and moisturized
  • I did not feel left with a stretchy or moisture deprived skin unlike many other face masks which generally take a toll on the moisture of the skin
  • The pack does it’s job of removing tan and depigmentation on the skin but not immediately in my case. I applied it twice or thrice to get proper results as claimed by the product


Positives : 

  • The product comes in a travel friendly and plastic packaging
  • It has natural ingredients
  • Does it’s job of removing tan and depigmentation on the skin
  • Has a pleasant fragrance
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Leaves the skin fresh and plump
  • Suitable for all skin types

Negatives :

  • The consistency is way too thick. Can be a mess for first time users
  • Gives a slight tingling sensation once applied onto the skin
  • The packaging should have included a spatula so as to take our the product easily, keeping in mind the hygiene factor


This facepack is a budget friendly skincare product and it does what it claims. I generally use it once in a week or so. However, if the consistency was smoother, it would have been a big hit in the skincare category. I would still recommend this pack to the skincare lovers as it is made up of natural ingredients and it works well on all skin types.

How about your thoughts with this product ? Have you guys tried any fruit packs or depigmentation packs ever ? If yes, then let me know your experience in the comments section below.

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DISCLAIMER : The above written content and pictures belong to me. I do not intend to force my thoughts or opinions on anyone. The above product is owned by me and is not a sponsored write up. I have used this product for quite sometime in order to provide you with an honest review. One thing to keep in mind regarding any beauty/ skincare product is that not everything works for every skin type. So you may make a wiser decision regarding what works better for you all.

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