Four Years Of Wedlock and Four Life Lessons Learnt!

Two days back was my Wedding Anniversary and we just completed 4 years to our wedding. Anniversaries definitely make me realize how time flies. It seems just like yesterday that I was adorned like a bride, waiting for my man. And here I am already over with 4 precious years of my life with him.

All this time went in love, creating stronger bonds , a few fights and a lot many lessons learnt leading me to be who I am today.


Marriage is one such step which changes you and your life forever. It changes you as a person thereby teaching you how to keep at peace and pace with your partner.This partnership ain’t easy at all. And so here are those 4 big lessons I would like to share with you all on my 4th wedding anniversary which I have learnt over the years

  1. Communication is the key : Having been mentioned by me a number of times, I would still regard communication as the key to any successful relationship. Keeping communication two sided and apart from emphasizing on speaking or sharing, listening too is equally important which is quite often ignored by many of us. Communication establishes a flow of emotions and feelings thereby helping one another understand each other better than just portraying your personal thoughts and struggles. Be empathetic and ask one another about what you feel or how you want to go about a particular thing. It would always smoothen up your channels.
  2. Never compare : Hard to ignore, but comparing our life partner with anyone could bring an unrepairable damage to your relationship you couldn’t even imagine. It’s not that I’ve compared my husband to a particular person, but yes, I do remember having compared my married life and some situations with others by being vocal about them to him. Every house, husband, wife and the people living in the family are different. It ain’t fair enough to compare them with what we would want for ourselves. And of course, I would never be able to see myself being compared to anyone else. So why do the same to someone else?
  3. Make sure to spend time together : Sharing some of your personal moments, no matter what age or how old your marriage is very important. Spending time with your partner would always increase love, compassion, respect and compatibility between the the two. However, it doesn’t mean to leave all your responsibilities, house, elders or kids. Having a few moments, be it to chat over a cup of coffee would be enough to rekindle that magic all over and keep that spark alive.
  4. Forgive and Forget : Another most discussed and commonly used phrase by all, it is very important to forgive and forget your partner on certain things you wouldn’t have wanted to happen. Because it gets difficult for most of us to forgive. Numerous times, I try and remind myself that would this situation even matter to me 5 years down the lane? This one question changes the entire vibe of the situation making me think what is more important to me : a thing that didn’t happen according to me or my relationship ? And that is what makes forgiving and forgetting easier. Forgetting the situation and not bringing it up or rekindling it over and over again in your arguments should definitely be avoided. For once an argument is dissolved, it shouldn’t be brought up over again. Move on, start fresh and let live is the key to it.

I am no relationship expert. No one is perfect and I always believe that time is the only magic we all look forward to in our relationships.

What do you guys think ? I hope you all could relate to this part of my blog. If yes, then do share your set of experiences in the comments section below.

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Dear husband,
Thank you for everything!
I’d just like to wrap my conversation as follows :

When two givers indulge in a connection,
Its like magic.
Its alchemy !
I water you, 
You water me.
We never drain each other.
We just grow !

May God bless the marriage of every couple out there with compassion, understanding and lots of love !!

Dated Forever ~ 30/01/2015

Mr Arora & Mrs. Arora 💗

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Disclaimer : The above article has been written by me and I have no intentions of imposing my thoughts on anyone or hurt any particular sect, caste or creed. I am no relationship expert. The above article revolves around my personal experiences and thoughts which might not match up with many of my readers. Also, a few pictures used above do not belong to me. Their respective sources are attached in the footnote for the same. Please feel free to reach me at : 

12 thoughts on “Four Years Of Wedlock and Four Life Lessons Learnt!

    1. Indeed. I totally believe its something difficult to practice, but once we realise the importance of the relationship, we know how to go about it 😊❤️ keep Glittering, love TGA by Misha


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