7 Different Styles Of Dupattas You Must Stack Your Wardrobe With

The most desirous part of any Indian attire is pairing it up with a stole or a dupatta. With a swish and swirl of an eye catching dupatta, anyone can look attractive. This colourful swathe of cloth around our shoulders can be one of the determining factors of a classic and traditional indian attire. A dupatta is one of the most striking aspect of any ethnic garment which could be used to improvise your wardrobe. In fact, designers use dupattas in ample of ways to enhance the look of any garment.

Nowadays, with changing styles, I always believe in mixing and matching them up with different attires and carry them in different styles. Be it adorning your dupattas with sequins, beeds, zari, thread embroidery, mirrors, semi precious stones or patch work, it could certainly make or break the look of any ethnic ensemble.

Here are 7 different styles of dupattas you should stack your wardrobe with :

  1. Sequins dupatta: A little bit of sparkle and shimmer is all you need to nail your look. Sequins dupattas have been in style for quite sometime now. They not only add elegance and charm to your outfit but would also make you stand out. Sequins uplift the look of your garments to give them a more expensive look. Available in various shapes and colours, they can be stitched onto fabrics such as: net, georgette, chiffon in any pattern or design. 20190209_004714.jpg
  2. Phulkari dupatta: A traditional adumbration from the streets of Punjab, it is an intricately embroidered piece with colourful threads into various patterns (usually geometric). Phulkari dupattas certainly add vibrance to your look, thereby maintaining a balance between traditional yet a vivacious apparel. It is available in different hues of electrifying colours.
  3. Banarasi dupatta: A must have in any girl’s wardrobe, the fine embroidery on the rich silk patterns adds on to the grace and charm of the attire. Banarasi cloth has it’s roots seeped into the rich Indian culture since the times of the Mughals. Banarasi work can further be classified into 6 more segments depending upon the type of weave. A classic look which can never go wrong and is perfect as summer or winter formals, both. Banarasi work can be found on a number of different fabrics catering to the different weather, looks, needs and budget. 20190209_010746.jpg
  4. Gotta Patti: The perfect way to gear up for any wedding, gotta Patti is a type of embroidery that originates from Rajasthan. Using intricate patterns of gold and silver laces lined up in different patterns or embellished as splendid floral motifs,gotta patti dupattas have been magnificently stupendous and is used in South Asian weddings and formal clothes.20190209_004756.jpg
  5. Velvet Dupattas : Sent as a blessing for the extreme winter weddings where you need to strike a balance between style and fashion without ignoring the weather in mind, velvet dupattas come to your rescue. Due to it’s unusual softness and appearance, velvet has often been associated with royalty. Be it a plain simple velvet dupatta or a heavily embroidered one, you could ace your look at any winter function with these.20190209_010652.jpg
  6. Mirror work dupatta: Mirror work, also known as ‘Kutch embroidery’, hails from Gujarat. The mirror pieces come in various shapes and sizes and represent the aura of festivities and joy. Adding onto mirror work over the silhouettes of cotton, georgette or chiffon, these dupattas are contemporary yet vintage and a must have in your wardrobe.20190209_005003.jpg
  7. Chanderi Dupattas : These dupattas come in various designs and colours with intricate detailing making them class apart. A major chunk of dupattas are paired up as formal wear during summer weddings making it a great piece to own in your wardrobe.
    Available in simple hues for daily wear to extravagant patterns for any formal event, these dupattas come in a blend with fabrics such as silk and cotton which can be paired up for any kind of event.20190209_010719.jpg

How about your favourite dupattas ? Do you own all of them ? Let me know in the comments section below.

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