A Day at Geithoorn ~ The Fairytale Village πŸ‘°

We all have bucket lists and the desire to visit that one place we have longed all our life. The very word ‘bucket list’ can stir up some heavy fears of incomplete dreams and goals and a reminder of how time flies.

But, if I refer to one of my bucket list, it would be to mention about one of the fairytale villages I had always fantasized to visit.


‘Geithoorn Village‘, located in the Central Eastern Holland is a picturesque village with utmost beauty, which cannot even be located on a map and it was certainly was on my bucket list whenever I planned to visit Holland.


The Geithoorn village is located in Central Eastern part of Netherlands, about 75 miles away from Amsterdam and is inhabited by less than 3000 people in total, living in 200+ year old houses with thatched roofs and colourful gardens.

This village was like a dream come true. You could imagine Venice minus ten times the crowd and add a hundred times of beautiful colourful flowers all around and then imagine how magical it could get.

This village has no roads to commute in between. Rather, it has a beautiful network of canals with the residents using boats to commute along the way to different parts of the village.

The Vibe of this Village :


I really liked the vibe and energy of this place. Though a calm place, the residents are quite friendly and warm. The village has a number of beautiful cafes, ice cream parlors and what not with a beautiful view of canals, colourful flowers all around, green gardens, beautiful huts and little ducklings moving around the canal waters.


  1. Stroll around the beautiful village : The best way to learn a particular place’s culture is to interact with the locals. Strolling around the lush green gardens and enjoying the view of something you’ve never seen is amazing and everlasting.
  2. Take a Canal Boat Tour : Take the tour of your lifetime where you’d get to know about the village thereby covering up this beautiful village in no time. The guided tour leaders would delve into how this village came into existence.
  3. Relish the lip-smacking food and drinks : Choose over a beautiful spot and relish good food with a good view. Dutch coffee and ice creams are just amazing. Do indulge into them. PicsArt_02-12-04.17.12.jpg PicsArt_02-12-04.19.00.jpg

Travel Tips :


  • Try to visit this place during off season to enjoy the vibe of this place and interact affectively with the locals
  • Geithoorn is a car free village, however there is a huge parking area outside the village you could use to park your vehicle or rented bikes /cars
  • Try and get your canal boat tour pre-booked in order to avoid any last moment hassles to get onto the boat. As the ride timings are limited, so are the seats.
  • You could get your pick up scheduled from the main city of Amsterdam via a tempo traveller or a cab or even use the local trains to reach this village.
  • We anyhow preferred the train and then took a bus from the station which left us right in front of the main village. That 5 minutes walk was one of the most beautiful walks I’ve ever had.


This beautiful village is a must visit if in Holland. If you plan to visit Holland anytime, keep one day for this one and trust me, you’ll never regret it. Is there any place that you have always fantasized to visit? Do share with me in the comments section below.

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Disclaimer : All the views presented above are purely mine. I do not intend to impose them on anyone as they’re based on my personal experiences. The matter written above and pictures presented above have been written and clicked by me (respectively).Also I have taken special care of not personifying any specific person in my pictures. The suggestions and opinions are my personal thoughts which I am sharing here with you all through this platform. Not liking a particular place / brand does not mean that I hate it or am against it. This post is related to the culture of a particular place and country and therefore it does not imply on places which do not support/allow such a lifestyle.

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