Tips To Set Up A Positive Home Environment 🏠

Home environment refers to the living aspects of people that contribute to their living conditions residing in a home. It not only includes a well organised physical environment, but also includes factors like personal values, cultural influences, social activities and emotional dependence of the family members on one another and with the outside world.


A positive home environment is needed not only for your happiness but also to strike a balance amongst your physical, emotional, cultural and mental well-being. Setting up a positive home environment is necessary as that is where we spend the most of our time which further contributes to our health and happiness.

Following are a few tips to establish a positive home environment thereby fostering our quality of lives that we intend to live :

  • Cleanliness : Cleanliness is the key to a happy and a warm environment at home. Clean homes help us connect with resources available to us. Creating a safe and well organised physical environment helps stimulate positivity around us.
  • Declutter your Living Space : Be it wardrobes, cabinets, personal rooms, living room or the dining hall, keep only what’s necessary and required. Limiting your access to articles of importance would help reduce wastage and provide you with room for what is necessary and required. Decluttering physical space helps you create space so that abundance can come in.
  • Add Greenery : Adding plants and greenery around your surroundings infuses a lot of freshness, optimism, confidence and warmth in homes. It is not necessary to carve out gardens, but by just having a few small pots of even indoor plants would do the trick and you’d be able to add that positivity around yourself.
  • Do not mix work with home : The hardest yet most important tip to incorporate for setting up a clean home environment is keeping your profession and home separate. This helps you keep your mental tensions and work away. Working from home is not bad. I am certainly not against it, but filling up your home with official papers and then ending up getting confused about what lies here and what lies at your workplace can bring about a lot of confusions, conflicts and disrupt peace at home.
  • Infuse a routine at home : Home routines are often related to time management. Fixing up a schedule for your meals and sitting together to interact, play a game or watching television with your family members would stimulate communication and warmth in your relationships. Rather than spending time on your personal phones or laptops, real interaction would attract abundance, love and warmth in your relationships.

These were my simple 5 tips to incorporate a positive environment at our homes. What do you think? Is it important to establish one or not? Let me know in the comments section below.

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