The Nykaa So Matte Lipsticks | Review and Swatches

Hey you all !

Finding some old bunch of make up in your vanity can be surprising, exciting and scary at the same time. Makes me wonder how much make up I usually end up discarding without using it effectively.

A day back I found a few of my old lippies from the long launched Nykaa So Matte collection. Out of them, the products which were in a condition to be used were just 2 shades and perhaps I shall be reviewing and swatching them in today’s post.



  • These lipsticks come in a variant of 50 wide shades which provides a whole lot of variety for different skin tones
  • These lipsticks glide onto the lips smoothly and are quite pigmented
  • They are creamy in texture
  • The products are cruelty free
  • Economical

What the Brand claims :

Nykaa claims for the following features in these lipsticks :

  • Plush, pigment rich formula
  • Intense Color Pay off
  • Smooth texture
  • Luxurious, effortlessly glides
  • Soft matte finish
  • One stroke application
  • Infused with Vitamin E



These lipsticks come in a decent plastic packaging and are economically priced at Rs 399 for 4.2 gms of product, thereby making it easy on pocket. The lipstick is smooth in texture and does not dry out my lips. My lips rather feel hydrated enough. However, there are some more highlights I would like to mention for this product :

  • These lipsticks are NOT very long lasting. They require a touch up post eating/drinking anything
  • The product cannot be defined exactly as matte, but it has a semi-matte finish
  • The lipsticks are easily transferable if you eat and drink
  • These lipsticks are preferred to be applied along with a lip-liner/ lip pencil to avoid any smudging and staining for a cleaner look


Naughty Nude :

  • This shade is a nude dusky pink shade
  • It compliments the Indian skin tone (fair-medium-dark) effectively
  • This shade is super pigmented and glides on easily
  • It goes well during the day or night time (with/without a proper base)
  • This shade is suitable for a formal look as well as for daily wear look
Swatch : Naughty Nude in sunlight

Swatch : Naughty Nude sans sunlight

Caramel Mocha :

  • This shade is a cool brown nude toned shade
  • I personally feel that this shade did not compliment my skin tone
  • This shade is not very pigmented. I had to glide it onto my lips for minimum 3-4 times to get some sort of a brownish shade as my lips are darker in colour
  • This shade gave me a washed off look on my face which was a major turn off for me
  • The shade looks to be a lovely color on the hand swatch but doesn’t really give the similar color onto my lips
  • It could be worn as a nude brown shade during the daytime or recommended to be worn with a smokey eyes look along with a proper base during the night time
Swatch : Caramel Mocha in sunlight


Caramel mocha
Swatch : Caramel Mocha sans sunlight

My Take :

The shade Naughty Nude is a great shade for me. However, Caramel Mocha was not pigmented enough to suit my skin tone without a proper base.


I feel that the formula for these lipsticks are great. They’re nourishing and do not dry out the lips. My experience with the shade Naughty Nude was great as it suits my skin tone really well. However, the shade Caramel mocha wasn’t too satisfying. But may be, if I get to try a better shade in future which compliments my skin tone and texture, I’ll definitely update you all on that.

How about your take on this product? Have you used these lipsticks from Nykaa so Matte collection ? What all shades are your favorite from this range ? Do share your thoughts with me in the comments section below !

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Disclaimer : The above written content and pictures belong to me. I do not intend to force my thoughts or opinions on anyone. The above product is owned by me and is not a sponsored write up. I have used this product for quite sometime in order to provide you with an honest review. One thing to keep in mind regarding any beauty/ skin care product is that not everything works for every skin type. So you may make a wiser decision regarding what works better for you all. If I do not like a particular product or a brand, it does not mean that I hate it. The above post is based on my personal experience which may not necessarily be the same for you.

10 thoughts on “The Nykaa So Matte Lipsticks | Review and Swatches

  1. I never heard of this brand actually, but I love their packing, looks really chic. I really like “Naughty Nude” shade, it is so pretty, definitely suits you the best. xx


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