10 Ways To Reduce Stress And Cultivate Self Compassion

Any emotional or physical tension can take a toll on our mental health, our thought process and our body. It is a kind of a challenge or demand that can make us feel angry, nervous or frustrated and spoil up many permanent things in our lives.

Here are the 10 simple ways that I would like to share with you all to reduce stress and to Cultivate Self Compassion that I personally feel have boosted me up during my tough times :

  1. Stay Hydrated : Staying hydrated with water, fresh juices and herbal teas is a small act of kindness you could perform in regulating your mental and physical well being. Hydration controls stress responsiveness to a great level.
  2. Meditate : Meditation affects the body in exactly the opposite way to what stress does to us. Mediation triggers the body relaxation process and helps the body restore its calm state which is an essential for restoring the peace of mind we’ve been looking forward to.
  3. Set Realistic And Manageable Goals : Setting short but realistic goals would help you achieve not only your targets but also a lot of positivity and encouragement. We already have a lot many responsibilities and tasks to fulfill. It’s better to achieve them over one by one rather than mixing them up all and ending up nowhere. Try and scheme out a plan and then follow it accordingly.
  4. Eat Mindfully : Eating good, healthy and fresh meals would certainly help you stay healthy and fit. It is important to think about how does your food look, smells and taste like. It is always good to embrace your food with eat bite that you delve into. Serving your body with fresh meals would help you stay healthy which is an important aspect for our wellness.
  5. Practice Deep Breathing : One of the best ways to lower stress is deep breathing. It helps to calm and smoothen our senses and it is a good way to reduce tension and relax.
  6. Set Good Intentions : By establishing good and clearer intentions helps inculcate a feeling of a more safer, secure and a happy environment. Activating your brains to look out for the positives would help you celebrate each moment in life.
  7. Think about the positives : Positivities of life are often buried beneath the negative thoughts and behaviour. We need our brains to stop scanning for bad intentions and look forward to the small things in life that matter. Be it watching over the sunset, a cup of coffee with your best friend or just reading over your favourite book, look around and embrace life.
  8. Take Action To Get Back on Track : Not allowing our anxious thoughts to take charge of our brain and confidence, find something that you have been grateful for and choose positivity. Get back in the league by focusing on your achievements and your hard work.
  9. Transition Back : Once you’re back home from your workplace, it’s important to spend some quality time with your family. This helps you to regain all the lost energy and optimism that you’ve been wanting to look for all day long. Spending time with your loved ones fills up your lost confidence, helping your discover yourself from within.
  10. Stop Being Over Obsessed About Your Future : Using your current emotional state to judge your future is not fair enough. Rather than giving importance to “What if’s”, the better alternative is to be present where you are. Living in the present seems to be a very common yet one of the hardest approaches one could ever put to our lives. We take everything for granted. Like every single day is our right to live. Rather than thinking of days you haven’t entered, isn’t it better to live heartfully with those who are there with us?

How about taking charge of your life and getting back in the league?

self compassion

What do you all do when you’re under immense stress? Let me know in the comments section below.

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