I have been very engrossed into cooking and baking lately, all thanks to the lockdown & quarantine that has certainly become a motivation for the maximum of us to invent something or the other in our kitchens. These days , I’ve resorted to the opportunity, that otherwise I wouldn’t have made use of.

More than anything else, I’ve been enjoying some time in the kitchen to invent, reinvent or innovate any dish that comes to my mind.

And so a few days back I baked a cake that I could only imagine in my dreams. The idea came up with the idea of 2 different flavours popping up on my palette & I thought of giving this a try.
I baked this gorgeous, fragrant, moist, fluffy and tender Orange & Almond cake from the healthiest of ingredients in my kitchen.

A simple cake with or without frosting, apt for tea time, breakfast or a simple dessert, this one’s a clear winner for it🍊

When it comes to baking, I try and bake cakes that are not only simple but also that gets eaten up again and again. I really wanted to bake this cake before the citrus season was over as it’s packed with irresistible flavors plus the fresh and juicy burst of orange makes it a full indulgence to one’s taste buds 🍊

Click on the link for the full recipe : ORANGE & ALMOND CAKE

Keep Baking,

Stay Healthy And Safe

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