Fragrances have been associated with not only uplifting ones mood but also boosting our confidence and working as aromatherapy.

Zara is a fashion brand that is known to almost all of us. But not only does it deal into fashion and accessories but also some amazing fragrances that could act pretty nice as high end niche fragrances. I always get tempted to buy them from their billing counters.

I got my hands on The ZARA #HOLIDAYMOOD EDT which is a fun fragrance that will definitely uplift one’s spirits and trigger your sweet tooth.

The best thing about Zara perfumes is that they’re inexpensive and are a perfect dupe for many high end and expensive scents. It’s always not necessary to shell out a handsome amount to smell expensive as this fashion brand has definitely got us sorted.

Click on the link for the full review : The Zara #HOLIDAYMOOD Fragrance

Stay home ; Stay safe 🙂


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