Winter Hand Care ðŸ¤²

It’s still winters and it’s pretty cold. I’ve been craving for the pleasant and warmer days where I could just lay by or move out of the house knowing I won’t be knocked down by the weather out there.

But as it is said, ” To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, its important to stand out in the cold

During Winters, the weather does not only take a toll on our health, but also our skin. And out of all, it is our hands which get neglected the most. Often we forget what all our hands do for us and thereby they get an unfair treatment from us most of the time. And that’s why hand creams come to our rescue.

The need for a hand cream :

Investing in a good hand cream is as important as getting an appropriate moisturizer for your face or body.

  1. Fight the early signs of Ageing : Hands are the initial giveaway signs of ageing and hand creams nourish our hands thereby keeping the skin supple and prolongs ageing.
  2. Relieve your stress at home with a good massage : Counting up for some ‘me time’ is the best way to keep yourself in the league. Give yourself a spa like feeling by massaging on your hands with a good hand cream. Find a comfortable spot on your hands and give it a good massage until your cream is absorbed into the skin. Massaging your hands daily would help you with stronger, longer and healthier nails too.
  3. Heal the damaged skin : Dry, chapped and uneven skin can all be fought away with a good hand cream. Make sure to invest in the one which contains moisturing properties such as essential oils, shea butter and natural ingredients.
  4. Hydrate and keep your skin supple : Not only healing but also maintaining the beauty of our hands is important. Hand creams provide with essential oils thereby forming a protective layer onto our hands and nails thereby keeping them maintained and presentable.
  5. Hand cream is different from a moisturizer : Since the skin on our face and body is thinner as compared to our hands, a normal moisturizer is not enough to balance out the skin moisture levels on our palms. A hand cream is supposed to be more richer in its ingredients and thicker in consistency to smoothen up and moisture your palms.

Product Review :

The Nykaa hand and nail creams have been raving in the market for quite sometime now and with the kind of weather here in New Delhi, I had to give them a try for sure.

About the Product :

  1. Packaging : The product comes in a tube packaging with a cap on the top which needs to be rotated and opened completely.
  2. Price : The product ranges for Rs 275 per tube carrying about 30 ml of product in it.
  3. Variety : With a wide range of 7 different heavenly fragrance options available to choose from, you could choose your personal favourite fragrance according.
  4. Ingredients : The product is paraben free and cruelty free. It contains natural ingredients such as : Jojoba Oil, Oilve oil, Almond oil, Avacado oil and Rice bran oil.

My Experience :

I bought three different variants from a whole lot of 7 options available on nykaa.

  1. Magnolia & White Tea
  2. Freesia & Vanilla
  3. French Lavender & Honey
  • The product comes in a handy travel friendly tube and it fits in my handbag.
  • The fragrance of the hand cream is heavenly
  • It moisturizes the hands and nails pretty well and stays until 3 hrs
  • The cream is non sticky and it absorbs in no time
  • A budget friendly hand cream for beginners who want to invest in a good range of hand creams
  • The consistency is satisfying for fighting dryness and chapped skin

What I did not like :

  • A flap cap with a nozzle or a pump would have been easier to deal with
  • It gets difficult to control the quantity of the product
  • The moisture from these creams usually lasts upto 3 hrs or until you wash off


This hand cream is a great option for beginners who want to try on hand creams. It’s ingredients won my heart as it is all natural and paraben free. The product is budget friendly and compact and the fragrance is absolutely heavenly.

Have you tried this hand cream? What is your take on this product? Let me know in the comments section below.

Buy the product from here

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Disclaimer : The above written content and pictures belong to me. I do not intend to force my thoughts or opinions on anyone. The above product is owned by me and is not a sponsored write up. I have used this product for quite sometime in order to provide you with an honest review. One thing to keep in mind regarding any beauty/ skin care product is that not everything works for every skin type. So you may make a wiser decision regarding what works better for you all.
Not liking a particular product or a brand does not mean that I hate it.

4 thoughts on “Winter Hand Care ðŸ¤²

  1. I bought this hand cream recently, a friend recommended to me. Personally i did not like it much. As you said to begin with its a good start, but definately there are much better hand creams available.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Jasmine ! Indeed this hand cream is a good start for beginners but there still are a lot more products out there in the market. Keep Glittering :)Love, TGA by Misha


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