The serene and lonely islands of Andaman will leave you mesmerized. The calm beaches, electric blue waters, cool breeze, white sand and fragrance of coconuts at these tropical islands are heavenly, giving you serious travel goals.
We visited these beautiful islands on my birthday this year & this was indeed one of the best trips. From Port Blair to Havelock Island, each and every person here was inviting and warm.We had a 7 day trip out of which, 2 days were at Port Blair and 5 days at Havelock.

DAY 1 : Reached PORT BLAIR

Port Blair is the capital of Andaman Islands and is located in South Andaman. This place itself reflects the historical and colonial past of our country. From several freedom fighters to war criminals, many were captivated here during the British reign. The main highlights of this city are :

  • The Cellular Jail is a mandatory visit
  • There is a light and sound show conducted every evening overhere for which one needs to buy special tickets
  • Dinner at ‘Amaya’ at the Sea Shell Resort, in South Andaman is an exotic place to dine with a view

The Cellular Jail

At the Cellular Jail , Port Blair

DAY 2 : Hello HAVELOCK !

Havelock was one kind of a heaven. The water was crystal clear.

  • Makruzz is a famous ferry, apt for reaching Havelock as it maintains it’s speed and is neat and tidy as compared to the other ferries running for Havelock
  • Rent a scooty (easily available) and explore the Radhanagar beach (the best beach in Asia)
  • The Radhanagar beach has a belt of mountains at one end & dense untouched forests at the other. It is famous for sunsets and is a must visit
Radhanagar Beach , Havelock Island
Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

DAY 3 : Scenic drive towards the KAALA PATHAR BEACH

  • Witness one of the most scenic drives by visiting the Kaala Pathar beach (Rocky beach)
  • The road runs parallel to the coastline and it is one of the splendid rides one can ever have
Kala Pathhar Beach; Havelock Island
On the way to the Kala Pathhar Beach


My birthday had an adventurous surprise awaiting for me. My husband booked a Scuba dive from one of the renowned and trusted agencies in Havelock. We were given a 20 minutes training prior entering the waters and another 30 minutes training on the shallow shores before finally going in. Scuba had always been on my bucket list since I’d been to the Barrier Reef (Australia), back in 2016 and tried on snorkeling there.

  • Experience the beautiful corals beneath the shores in the crystal clear waters of the Andaman Sea
  • The 2 hour experience underneath the waters is one of the best feelings one can ever have
Scuba diving at the Coral Reef

After this mesmerizing adventure, I had another surprise awaiting for me. My husband arranged for a Candle light dinner at the MUNJOH OCEAN RESORT.
The 7 course sumptuous meal was served by a private butler. It will remain a ‘night to remember‘ for me.

DAY 5 : Hiking & Trekking to the ELEPHANT BEACH

The Elephant Beach has 2 mediums to reach. One is a ferry the other is via trek through the forests. We opted for the trek and it was one great experience to be cherished forever.

  • Essentials for Trekking : a comfortable pair of sport shoes, a sunblock, pair of sunglasses and a bottle of water
  • You may hire a guide who may help you in exploring the forests
  • Explore the Tsunami ruins and the mangrove forests which lie on the way to the beach
  • Go for water sports on the beach. Carry a change of clothes along for the same

Back in town, one of the best cafes is “Something Different Cafe“. You may use Google maps to locate it. It has some amazing delicacies to offer your taste buds.

DAY 6 : Heading back to PORT BLAIR

  • After some relaxation on the private beach of our resort, it was time to head back.
  • The afternoon Makruzz ferry reaches Port Blair at around late evening. The right time of arrival at Port Blair depends upon the weather conditions
  • Explore the local markets on the streets of Port Blair
A relaxing day at our resort

DAY 7 : Last day in Andaman

We had our flight scheduled for the afternoon & we never wanted to waste the first half of our day. We had the following options :

  • Ross Island (10 minutes ferry from Port Blair)
  • Chidiya Taapu is a famous beach located 15 kms away from the main city of Port Blair

We opted for the Ross Island. The main attraction of this island are the ruins of the building of the British era.

The airport is very near to the main city. One can leave even 30 minutes prior waiting time required as per the flight’s schedule.

BACK HOME ! Bye Beautiful Islands!

Andaman is also known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” and is a tourist trap for adventurers and explorers. The best time to visit Andamans in between October – March.
I hope you all enjoy your visit to Andamans as much as I enjoyed.

Hope you liked my first blog post. Any suggestions are more than welcome! Also let me know what all you did if any of have already visited the Andaman Islands.

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  1. This was such a good read 🙂
    Each day is described perfectly and I felt like i was there at Andamans spending each day as I read through 😉
    So happy for your new venture 🙂
    Awaiting to read more posts !!
    Love always x
    Avhleen !

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