7 Warning Signs That You’re In A Failing Relationship!

The value and importance of relationships have been essential for the survival and development for us humans. Relationships form the essence of our lives and are so vital that often they go unnoticed, yet it is the foundation upon which everything else is built. It is these emotional and physical bonds that we rely, survive and thrive on throughout our lives.

However relationships always come in a ‘package deal‘ and one can never be selective as per our own choices. Acceptance of people as they have been throughout their lives is equally important rather than trying to change them.

All relationships have their own flaws and in any normal relationship, there will be instances of arguments, disagreements and moments of dissatisfaction followed by instances of forgiving and forgetting which all go hand in hand.

Beautiful relationships are always strengthening, full of warmth, trust and they bring in a lot of confidence, positivity and happiness in our lives!

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Failing relationships on the other hand always invite unwanted stress leaving you feeling depressed and unhappy most of the time. This kind of relationship could be anywhere : between partners, co-workers, family, friends, relatives or your employer. But many people are unable to recognize the basic signs pointing towards failing relationships. I would want to share them with you all !

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  1. Mistrust : A single act of betrayal could wipe out the trust you are holding for another person in their lives making them vulnerable to their insecurities and ordeals. One needs to look into if a breach of trust has been made, is it too late or difficult to be mended or not?
  2. Lack of communication : Believe it or not, communication is the key to any happy and successful relationship. Maintaining transparency to retain a good amount of communication and humor alive in between is essential but yet ignored by many of us. Being able to communicate effectively can stop the needless arguments that may be regularly occurring and effecting our relationships. Communication brings in a form of a ‘connection‘ which gets the feeling of being in the same team and understanding one another, rather than opposing and challenging each other.

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  3. Distancing : If the affected persons consistently seek distraction and make deliberate efforts to avoid confronting one another or making any connection, it may be that the bond between the affected people has already abandoned and detached them from one another. They themselves do not wish to carry forward any contact in between themselves.

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  4. Dishonesty : Ignoring away occasional and small lies generally reflects the moral outlook of a person. This further decides how well the person would carry on the responsibility of a relationship and trust which are the key components of any successful relationships. However, lies about serious matters or creating barricades of deception are gravely harmful for any relationship and is generally a cause of worry.
  5. Disrespect : Mutual respect is a linchpin for any relationship. Trying to prove yourself right always may develop ego issues thereby leading to a disrespectful behaviour. By not respecting the other person’s time, efforts, freedom, space and dreams would only result in a lack of admiration for that person.
  6. Defensiveness : It’s very normal to react defensively when you’re being challenged. Trying to keep up with your perspective and lending an ear to the other person’s point of view is equally important. However, when defensiveness shifts to ‘whatever stage‘ or ‘ not caring about it stage‘ , it could signify any one of the persons or both, creating a protective isolating barrier to themselves preventing any kind of communication possible between the affected people.
  7. Resentment : Resentment increases when someone feels unheard or dismissed. Communication goes from the stage of ‘difficult’ to ‘impossible’ and if left unchecked with the affected person leads to frustration, bitterness and anger inside that person who was ignored and sidelined.

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It is often hard to recognize the signs of such failing relationships as the person going through this rough patch is scared, emotionally weak and traumatized to face the truth and accept that one’s relationship is not working. Recognizing the signs of a failing relationship can actually save you ! Be it a rough patch or the beginning of an end, one needs to take charge of your life. Working on things together with full commitment and determination may either help you in repairing up and getting back to the same page or it may just help you understand who is not meant for you.

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What do you guys think ? Have any of you been through such relationships ? If yes, how did you get to know about it ? Let me know in the comments section below !
Stay happy, healthy and blessed ๐Ÿ™‚

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Disclaimer : The above article has been written by me and I have no intentions of imposing my thoughts on anyone or hurt any particular sect, caste or creed. The picture used above has been taken from Google.

9 thoughts on “7 Warning Signs That You’re In A Failing Relationship!

  1. This is my relationship described to the T!! Been having issues for a while. SUSPECT it is going very wrong but I’ve raised my concerns, he did the same last week and then disappeared for 2 weeks!!


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